The Best Free Alternatives

Here are few software’s that would reduce your cost for Licence products & are the free alternatives to paid programs:

  1. Email Client: It’s always good to have an email client on your computer, whether it’s to check your office mail or to handle multiple emails at a go. For this the best free tool is Mozilla Thunderbird, a free, open source and cross-platform email developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It has number of extensions to make it powerful according to your company needs. Download Here:
  1. Instant Messenger: How about chatting all your FB/Gmail friends or business colleagues through single window. Yes it is all possible through Pidgin, is a chat program which lets you log in to accounts on multiple chat networks simultaneously. It runs on Windows, Linux, and other UNIX operating systems. Download Here:
  1. Video Editor: If you want to edit videos, or create a small video presentation from your photo book, then Shotcut is the answer. It has abilities like trimming, effects, sound & video effects etc. & also the facility to give multiple output. Download Here:
  1. Image Editor: GIMP is an extraordinary tool which replaced the expensive Photoshop. It has 90% of all features in Photoshop & is more lightweight than in use. Download Here :
  1. Browser: If you are bored with a browser called Internet Explorer ( which is technically a shit browser) & want to shift. Then you should definitely go for Google Chrome. It has synchronization facility across devices, integration of gmail & above all it has its web store which has games and apps. Download here:
  1. Office: MS-Office is becoming costlier day by day and people are looking for an alternative. There are major two free player: Libre-Office & Open-Office. Those who are very friendly with MS-Office and don’t want to lose it’s touch can go for Libre-Office, otherwise Open-Office is a good alternative.