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Customized Software Solution.

Unique and Tailored solutions

We offers a wide range of custom IT programming services. We have outstanding experience in custom database development, desktop and web application design and programming.

Our primary goal is to meet all our client needs and requirements as quickly as possible. We believe that our high quality service provides a sound basis for a successful customer relationship. We strive to exclude any errors before the software release.

We use the latest software development platforms and tools to achieve this. We also employ the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices with custom software solutions that will help you to keep one step ahead of your competitors by continuously improving your IT-based business solutions. We offer a wide range of custom web and software programming services in a variety of application.

Environments we work with

  • Programming Languages: PHP, .Net (C#, VB, ASP), JavaScript, VB Script, RoR
  • Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
  • Web Servers: Windows (IIS), Apache
  • Operating System: Windows

Our Expertise

  • Software Analysis and Design
  • Windows Service
  • Web-Based Applications


  • Software Analysis and Design
  • Client Server Applications
  • Windows Service

Software Maintenance
Maintenance is modification of a software product after release to correct bugs, improve performance, or add new product attributes, or to adapt the product to a new or changing environment. Our team works upon your existing system to analyze the performance of the software and can suggest you changes required in software to increase efficiency, scalability and capacity of software as per your requirements. As your business grows… software must grow to match your requirements

Software Re-engineering
Software Re-engineering is modifying existing software systems to make them more maintainable. Re-engineering covers Re-structuring or re-writing part or all of a legacy system without changing its functionality. It is applicable where some but not all sub-systems of a larger system require frequent maintenance. Re-engineering involves adding effort to make them easier to maintain. The system may be restructured and re-documented.

Some of Our Customized Software Clients

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